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Learn to Skate (Group Lessons)

Our Group Lessons are recomended for any beginner skater (of any age) who wishes to either skate casually for recreation or skate for competition. Once you have completed all of the skills in our Group Lessons, private lessons are available to be arranged directly with the coaches.

Saturdays from 12:30pm - 1:00pm
(NEW TIME for 2023/2024)

Please arrive 15 Minutes prior to your class time. There will be NO late entry this season.

$20.80 for 4 lessons
Skates:$3.08 --- Blades $4.12

Admission to our 1-4pm Session - $5.20


  • Multiple levels of instructors / classes

  • Check off skills from your personal chart and move up to the next level

  • Learn to Skate Faster

  • Skate Backwards

  • Jump and Spin on Skates

  • Learn to Dance on Skates


12:30pm - 1:00pm ~~ Beginners Class

Skills Learned:
        Scissors and Lift  
        Stopping with Toe Stop
        Box Car
        2 Foot Hop
        T-Stop Basics

Beginning Dance ~~ Instructor Approval Required

 Skills Learned:
        Backward Scissors and Lift
        Progressive Runs
        Cross in Front
        Mohawk Turns
        Corner of Glide Waltz
        Corner of Progressive Tango

12:30pm - 1:00pm ~~ Advanced Beginners Class

Skills Learned:
        Scissors Warmup
        Railing - Leg Standing on Bent Leg
        T-Stop with both Feet
        3 Pushes and T-Stop
        Backward Scissors
        Shoot the Duck
        Scooter Push
        2 Foot Hop - 3 in a Row

Beginning Freestyle Class ~~ Instructor Approval Required

   Skills Learned:
        Shoot the Duck Forward/Backward
        Cross Pull Forward/Backward
        Spirals Forward/Backward
        Hop and Turn Backward
        Bunny Hop
        2 Foot Spin

Email or call 440-366-6649 with questions.