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COVID-19 Safety Updates

  • Our Employees will be wearing facemasks at all times.
    • NEW 07/10/2020 6PM: Facial coverings are required to be used when in public by Lorain County Health Department and the State of Ohio Health Department. We are adjusting our policy to comply and will require anyone over 2 years old to wear a facial covering or mask over their nose and mouth for the duration of their visit. You may remove your mask to eat or drink while seated in our snackbar area.
  • Employees and guests will have temperature monitored by touchless thermometer upon entry to the building.
  • NEW 07/13/2020: Contactless Pay options on site - including tap to pay cards, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, and Apple Pay
  • Contactless Ticketing Options at
  • High touch surfaces will be disinfected several times per day
    • Includes door knobs, restroom surfaces, lockers, vending machines, video games, tabletops and more
    • Initially - Vending Machines will be turned off. Cold Drinks will be available at the Snack Bar
      • There will still be an emphasis on disinfecting these items
    • We will be watching and sanitizing the Snackbar Seating areas as people leave them.
  • "The Rock" will be closed until further notice
  • We will be practicing and asking others to practice Social Distancing
    • To ensure proper social distancing we have reduced some of the seating in the snackbar area
    • There will be marked areas on the floor for the Lobby, Skate Room, Snackbar, and Proshop/Stuff Shop
    • The Mobile Seating that usually lives near the Locker Area will be spread throughout the building to offer more distant options
    • The Proshop / Stuff Shop will be limited to 2 customers and the associate assisting them
      • Parent / Child or 2 independ individuals
    • The Lobby occupancy will be limited to prevent crowding
    • We may employ an alternative exit door if deemed necessary
    • We will use a "One Way traffic pattern" in off floor areas to help maintain social distancing
  • Birthday Parties will be limited to a single group/family in the party area at a given time. We will stick with our 45 minute time slot in the party area, however we will only schedule a maximum of 2 parties per skate session, to ensure proper sanitization between groups.
  • Rigorous Sanitizing Procedures will be added to our nightly cleaning routine.
  • Plexiglass Barrier added at the Snackbar order point.
  • Rental Skates as always will be disinfected after every use.
  • No Tuesday Matinee Skate for Summer 2020
    • We will evaluate our Fall/Winter Schedule as the Summer Progresses.

Coming Soon:

  • Hands Free Faucets and Soap Dispensers in the Restrooms
    • On Order and Will be Installed as soon as possible
  • Hand Free Hand Sanitizer Stations
    • On Order and Will be Installed as soon as possible
    • Until then, we will have employees with Gloves and a Dispenser to assist with limited contact