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2019 Ohio Cup Invitational Meet

Presented by the Buckeye Figure Skating Club

Must have a PDF view installed to view entry form and requirements. 

We are testing Live Streaming of this event for 2019. It will be available at and on our facebook page.
(We apologize for any streaming difficulties. Please stay with us as we learn.)

2019-01-09 - 2019 Sub-Site Open

2019-02-13 - Posted 2019 Entry Form, 2018 Hotel Info, and Requirements.

2019-03-28 - 2019 Figure/Dance Requirements Revised (Please re-download)


ALERT: For an unknown reason, some of the entries that were mailed to us did not reach us. If you mailed in an entry and haven't heard from us, please email to confirm that we have your entry. This issue has put a short delay on us releasing our finalized schedule. We apologize for the inconvenience and are working diligently to get things completed. We're looking forward to seeing all of you in a few weeks!


Dear Skaters, Coaches, and Parents,

The seventh annual Ohio Cup competition will be held at the Roll Arena in Elyria, Ohio on April 12, 13 & 14. We are located right off the Ohio Turnpike, less than 30 minutes west of Cleveland. Our floor is 80’ by 180’ rotunda hardwood maple. We have attracted skaters from eight of the nine regions to comprise over two hundred first entries in recent years. At this time judges Debra and David Adamy, Tracy Black, Gary Callahan, Sylvia Haffke, Cecelia Kelly, Billy Mastriano, Dennis Nendza, John Rangel, Art Ripley, and Dennis Welsh have agreed to join us. David Adamy will be the Meet Director with Debra Adamy as Chief Referee. Additionally, THERE WILL BE NO SPECTATOR CHARGE FOR FAMILY MEMBERS OF SKATERS.


Again this year we are planning a three-day schedule this year to accommodate the growing number of entries but we want to ensure that no one gets stuck skating all three days of the competition. We will begin with a controlled practice on Friday, April 12 from 9:00 AM until 2:00 PM. (The cost of the practice will be $5.00.) Practice Schedule: 9-10 AM Figures; 10 AM-1PM Dance; 1-2 PM FreeDance, Creative, and Freestyle.


There will be a short break after practice and then we will begin judging with the afternoon and evening dedicated to adult dance events. Youth and elite events will join in on Saturday but we want to wrap up all adult events by the end of that day. Youth and elite events will continue through Sunday.


Our list of Introductory Events is much larger this year and offers something for beginners at every level. A complete description of all the Intro Events is included in your entry package. Entry fees remain at $30 for the first event, $20 for additional events, and $10 for combined and introductory events (Tiny Tot—6 years old and under—is not an Introductory Event). All entries must be POSTMARKED by MARCH 8.


You may skate only events for which you are eligible under USARS rules. WS freestyle skaters may skate the short program only if they wish. Creative Solo skaters must provide a title for their routines.

We are offering personal and business advertisement space in our program.  Create an advertisement to cheer on your club or teammate or to promote your personal business.Advertisement pricing is as follows for standard 8”x11” paper with 1” margins:

  • $5-      Business card size (approx. 2”x3”)
  • $10-    Quarter page (approx. 3”x4.5”)
  • $15-    Half page (approx.. 5”x6”)
  • $35-    Whole page (standard 8”x11” with 1” margins

Space is limited so please submit your advertisements early.  Final date for advertisement entry to the program will be March 15th.  Should you have any questions or need additional information, please contact us at 440-366-6649 or


Fred & Karin Smith