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2022 Ohio Cup Info Packet


Roll Art Lite Content Sheets -- Please click on the link below, download for your event type, fill in your content sheets, save, print 5 copies and hand in when you check in for the contest. Also send a copy to

2022 Intro Program Info Packet

2022 Schedule Rev A 4.21.22 7pm

Please include membership number for each entrant

All Entries Due March 26th 2022


The USARS Draw will be April 1, 2022. We will use the first and third requirements specified in the Draw for regional eliminations. World Skate Jr and Sr will skate all three figures of the group selected.

Tiny Tot Events

Freestyle Skaters will have a maximum of 2:30 to skate. Figure Skaters will perform Figures 1 and 2. Dance Skaters will perform the Glide Waltz and the Progressive Tango. All events are Co-ed.